As a soon to become an educated photographer, I thought it might be time to give you some photography advice, that can help or improve your own photography skills. I'm talking about perspective, framing and light to use in creative ways.

1. Move your camera angle.

Think about your perspective. Instead of standing upright, I recommend to lower your angle. I almost always shoot my pictures from a lower angle, when I photograph people. I just love how it turns out. But just experiment with it. You can even try to shoot pictures from a higher ground and down on your model to get some cool pictures.

2. Framing

You can highlight a person by framing them in your scene. Look around at your location and think about all the opportunities that you have for some great shots. You can use architecture, light, nature, structure. Almost anything to frame your photos with. Place a person in the frame and try out some various shots.

 3. Keep an eye on the background.

When you find a beautiful location, make sure to have a simple background, to not take away the attention from the subject.

4. Be creative with the foreground

It can be very cool to use the foreground to bring more elements to the picture. Incorporating a foreground element(s) helps adding depth and drama to the picture.

5. Play around with the light

See what way the sun looks good on your model/yourself. My own rule is to have the back to the sun, if you are out on a bright sunny day. But try out by shooting from different angles and see what the light does. It can bring something great to the picture, and make it more interesting.