I had the most amazing time in Barcelona with my girl, Annika.
I'm so happy to have a friend that has the same wanderlust as myself, and wants to explore and travel! So I was super excited when we planned this holiday together! Or well, Annika actually did all the planning because of my work. So I'm very grateful for this.
So we finally got to spain and explored this beautiful city!
We saw a lot of tourists on bikes, so that is a very easy way to get around. We almost walked to every destination, but still a bit rough for your feet, if you're not used to it.

The things we saw in Barcelona: 

Casa Milá | A modernist building designed by architect Antoni Gaudí.
Casa Batlló | Known as the house of bones, because of Its skeletal, organic quality.
La Sagrada Família | An unfinished church by Antoni Gaudi.
Park Güell | A public park with beautiful plants and flowers and architectonic elements.
Castell De Montjuïc | An old military fortress, built on top of Montjuïc hill.
Torre Agbar | Skyscraper/tower by french architect Jean Nouvel.
Parc De La Ciutadella | Beautiful park located on the northeastern edge of Ciutat Vella.
Mercat De La Boqueria | Large public market. Tourist landmark with an entrance from La Rambla. 
But also Catedral Palau Reial Major
Some of the days we walked through La Rambla and down to the Barceloneta Beach to relax.   

Parc De La Ciutadella ↴

On our way to the Barceloneta Beach ↴

The stairs up to Park Güell ↴


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