I adore lingerie as much as I adore clothes. I love how it can give such a confident boost. Even though it's not necessarily seen, it's about feeling comfortable and confident about yourself. I've always believed in the link between looking good and feeling good. It did take a long time for me to be confident with my own body, but I have and still am learning to appreciate the things you have in life. And actually feeling lucky and happy.
When it comes to underwear, I mostly buy cute or sexy panties, because I have very small breast size, I always have a difficult time finding bras that fit me perfectly. PPZ sponsored this bra, and it does fit me! I have a thing for dark blue colors, and fell in love with this bra instantly.
But I must admit that I am a huge lover of cute and sexy lingerie, and I love to find items that I'd love to buy.


Here are some selected ones that I want in my closet right now:

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