I must say that I have a huge crush on the Gina Tricot summer collection. Also why I got this cute skirt.
I've also been looking for a belt like this for a long time. This one is from Asos. And I love that I can mix it with any outfit and make it a touch of rock style.

These pictures are taken in my room on my college. I've been living here the past 4 months because of my education. It is a very small room that I am sharing with another girl from my education. But I am going home to my appartment next friday, and I am looking so much forward to being home again, sleeping in my own bed, making my own food. But I'm coming back in January to get ready for my final exam and then become an educated photographer!!

Skirt | Gina Tricot | Belt | Asos | Blouse | H&M

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