I don't feel like I got to enjoy the fall so much as I wanted to. Suddenly It just started to snow. And It is almost December! The time has gone so fast! I'm not ready for a new year already! I feel like I have worked ALL the time. And not really got to experience that much. Well. I guess that's life. But despite all of that, I do look forward to being in the christmas spirit and just do so many cosy things. Such as decorating, baking, going to christmas parties.  My boyfriend and I, has already been planning to write christmas cards to our families.
I do hope you guys managed to enjoy the beautiful nature this fall.

By the way guys. These pictures were taken by my friend Annika! I was very happy for the result. She also has her own blog, posting about everyday life, but also shows off her amazing sense for fashion with cool outfits! I am a very big fan of her styles, and I can recommend that you guys should take a look at her blog right HERE


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