Hey guys!

I’m very focused in training at the moment. 
My boyfriend and I have some goals we want to achieve.
We are both underweight, so we both want to get a healthy body and get fit.


I think it is very cool that when you exercise for more than 30 minutes, 
your body releases hormones that make you happy. That is pretty cool isn’t?
Exercise also strengthen your bones. It increases metabolism. And Improves circulation.

I want to share some fitness inspiration for you guys, now that I am working out so much.
I’ve been looking on Esprit for some training clothes. 
I have found a lot of cool items, and I wish I had all of it in my closet.

Here is a couple of things that I have been looking at:

 photo page_zpsort5zdkv.jpg

| Turquoise t-shirt: HERE | Grey hoodie: HERE | Leggings with pattern: HERE
Grey hoodie: HERE | Top with dip-dye: HERE | Blouse with dip-dye: HERE |

I'm pretty crazy with these items, because it's exactly what I like in sportswear. I am crazy with turquoise, prints and dip-dye. 
I also love that Esprit has focused on sportswear where it's both functional and comfortable to wear. 

Reasons to start working out:

 - You don't get that sugar craving when you exercise.
- It strengthen the brain.
- Your mood improves.
- Physical activity also improves your sleep.

| 1. Manduka ProLite Midnight from Ren Velvære: HERE | 2. MOOV NOW Aqua Blue from Fitnessbutikken: HERE 
| 3. Bracelet from Mobilcovers: HERE | 4. Bag from Neye: HERE |


  1. ooh cool! I've recently started to become active again too! good luck to us!

    xo, Carla

    1. That's so cool! ! It just feels so good on the body to workout!

  2. Great post, good work! :)


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