Hey guys!

Like many other girls. I hope I will get married someday. I'm, well, "only" 22 years old. 
But for a long time I thought that I never wanted to get married. I really didn't want to. 
I realized why I had these thoughts. My parents are divorced. 
And they have never had a good relationship for the sake of me and my brother.

But as you get older, you realize that you really want to experience all the wonderful things in life, 
one of these things is going to be the best day in your life. The day you get married.

Every girl probably has an exact wish on how they want their wedding to be, where, when, and how. 
But the most important thing. How they want their wedding dress. Yes! The wedding dress!
I have already found a site, where to find the perfect wedding dresses, and even bridesmaids dresses.
And why not dream about your wedding dress, even if you aren't old enough or ready to get married yet? 

But girls! The great thing about this site? There are even special occasion dresses. 
You don't even have to think about if you want to get married, or attending a wedding. 
You can find cocktail dresses, evening dresses, and even prom dresses. 
And I know exactly where I'll buy my next cocktail dress. 
You can find all of this on Aislestyle

I'm dreaming about these dresses at the moment:

1. Chiffon bridesmaid dress. Find it here | 2. One shoulder cocktail dress. Find it here | 3. Chiffon prom dress. Find it here 
4. Lace wedding dress. Find it here | 5. Boho wedding dress. Find it here | 6.Short wedding dress. Find it here


  1. Woow this store has some amazing dresses!

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