Hey guys! 

I have achieved so many things in my first week of vacation. 
I never really had the energy to do it in my daily life. But luckily I have all this energy now! 
So now It's all about hanging out with all my friends. I'm going to the park tonight where
 there will be live music. And hopefully going to the beach on friday. I haven't been to the 
beach yet, so it has to be amazing weather on friday. And finally, on saturday. There is this
 event down at the harbor, that I'm looking so much forward to! Lots of people are coming to
enjoy live music and just have a great time.

Oh yeah. And by the way. I need to get to the hairdresser soon. 
My outgrowth is looking horrible. I think I want to try the ombre hairstyle. 

 photo IMG_8136_zpso5vma9fb.jpg  photo IMG_8109_zpsx9cps77p.jpg  photo IMG_8132_zpspbizvfuj.jpg  photo IMG_8146_zpsitm95rdy.jpg


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