søndag den 29. november 2015

29.11.15 | FALL COLORS

I wanted to share this inspiration post for a long time, and it is almost too late. 
But here it goes anyway. These couple of outfits I am totally crazy about that is so perfect for fall. 
All these colors are just so beautiful, and I wish I had a lot of these items in my closet.  photo lisaplace 3_zpskttgywkp.jpg photo 1c5571e7a501021a1cd97119b659993e_zpspbhwh0uc.jpg
 photo masha-sedgwick.com 2_zpsqb6tdlxl.jpg
 photo f230c518d999e97448d291482f8e14ec_zpsnxps4oi3.jpg  photo lisaplace.se 2_zpsyavhxxkb.jpg
 photo 9f0f9d396114219df5461bad17682a55_zps8wm9el8x.jpg  photo fashionclue.net_zpssmzrp9hl.jpg  photo lisaplace.se_zpszknnc6k4.jpg

tirsdag den 24. november 2015

24.11.15 | RAINDROPS

This weekend I was in the country visiting my stepfather. It was a family get together. And we celebrated his birthday. 
The weather was horrible, but amazing for some pictures. So here are some I took on our way home with the ferry. superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk

mandag den 23. november 2015


Hey guys! 

I got this dress not so long ago from Monki. It's perfect for all the upcoming christmas parties. 
I'm looking so much forward to wearing it. I have always loved this color for clothes. So when I found this dress in the Monki store, I just had to get it. superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk

torsdag den 12. november 2015


Sometimes I just need to get out and enjoy the nature, and breath. 
I love walking around beautiful places and just see the beauty. 
Well. I persuaded my boyfriend to come with me for a walk in the woods the other day. 
So here is a few snaps from our walk.


fredag den 6. november 2015


Hey guys! 
I was looking through all my old clothes when I found my green skirt! I have never really worn it. So now is the time. 
I'm going over to my friends place to celebrate her. She's almost done with her education. So she wanted to meet up and have a couple of cocktails. 
I'm looking so much forward to enjoy a lovely evening with some of my sweet friends. 
Hope you all are having a wonderful friday!
  superkathrine.blogspot.dksuperkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk

fredag den 30. oktober 2015


I'm going back to school again to january to study further on my photography education. 
So that is why there has been a bit quiet on the blog. I have to take 8 pictures with different kinds of topics before i start in school. 
I have some troubles, finding out what kind of pictures I want to photograph, so it does take a while. But I have promised to post my grey on grey outfit. So here it is.

søndag den 25. oktober 2015

25.10.15 | C O N C E R T

Hey guys! I got a new camera! A Canon 5D Mark 2, so I'm a happy girl! 
So now I have my old camera, that I can bring everywhere, without being afraid of losing it.
And use that instead of my phone camera for example, when I travel or want to go to events. 
I have already done a shoot with my new camera. I will post the pictures on my website soon. Anyways. Here is some pictures from a concert last week with a good friend of mine.

superkathrine.blogspot.dksuperkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk superkathrine.blogspot.dk