mandag den 25. juli 2016


I had a great vacation with my boyfriend. But we are back home and back at work again. And there is already so much to do. But I am glad that I can look back at all the good times Alex and I have had this summer. 

That also reminded me of these pictures I shot with Alex not so long ago. I love this part of my town. These beautiful colorful houses. 
I wanted to show you guys my favorite pants. I got these from a market at my hometown so they are unfortunetly not easy to get. They had a lot of jeans with different kind of patterns, which I am looking for at the moment, so I just fell in love with this place.

tirsdag den 19. juli 2016

19.07.16 | VENI VIDI AMAVI

My boyfriend and I had an amazing time here at Løkken. The title says "Veni - Vidi - Amavi". It means "We came - We saw - We loved". And that was exactly what we did! I had my camera with me everywhere, and I just had to photograph all the beautiful things in this pretty little town.
 We are going to my hometown tomorrow to visit my family. We are going to be there for the rest of the week, and just enjoy the time with the family, go to the beach, coffee shops, going out for dinner. And I am probably also going to shop at my favorite stores. See you soon!

søndag den 17. juli 2016


 Hi Guys! I'm back.  

 This was the cottage we stayed in. It was so cosy to be here. I also couldn't stop but think how cute the cottages looked. 
It was a great place to relax and just enjoy life. We sat on the terrace most evenings and just talked and made cocktails for each other. 
My boyfriend and I, went out for dinner the first night. We found this place called Gaia Sushi, that made the most amazing sushi.
We also visited the town Løkken. It reminded me a lot of Skagen. We were actually not far away from Skagen, so that could explain a lot. But the town was so pretty and cosy to visit. I took a lot of pictures. So I will post about it soon. Be prepared for A LOT of pictures.

mandag den 11. juli 2016


Hi guys! 

 I am going on a holiday on wednesday. 
My boyfriend and I have rented a cabin. We have a terrace and access to a pool. 
So we are looking forward to finally relax and spent some time together. 
Now that I have vacation, I'm hoping to post more often. Especially on my instagram @k.ottander.
I hope you guys are having a great summer.

tirsdag den 21. juni 2016

21.06.16 | LOOKS | SUMMER DAYS

Hi guys! Long time no see. 
I've been very busy lately. Especially with work. But I try to enjoy the weather as much as I can. I want to show you guys my summer dress I found from a market from my hometown. I wear it as much as I can. That's how comfy this dress is! I have a very very small balcony, as you can see on the pictures. So whenever the sun decides to show up, my boyfriend and I always go to a park to enjoy the weather. 
But sometimes I actually love to sit outside on my little balcony and enjoy a fresh glass of wine, while the sun shines on me.

onsdag den 25. maj 2016

25.05.16 | LOOK | A POP OF BLUE

The weather is finally amazing again! 
So I wanted to show you guys these shorts I got not so long ago. I'm truly in love with the color. And I wish I had more styles in this color. 
Weekend is very close, so I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend. I am off to a carnival with some good friends.