tirsdag den 21. juni 2016

21.06.16 | LOOKS | SUMMER DAYS

Hi guys! Long time no see. 
I've been very busy lately. Especially with work. But I try to enjoy the weather as much as I can. I want to show you guys my summer dress I found from a market from my hometown. I wear it as much as I can. That's how comfy this dress is! I have a very very small balcony, as you can see on the pictures. So whenever the sun decides to show up, my boyfriend and I always go to a park to enjoy the weather. 
But sometimes I actually love to sit outside on my little balcony and enjoy a fresh glass of wine, while the sun shines on me.

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onsdag den 25. maj 2016

25.05.16 | LOOK | A POP OF BLUE

The weather is finally amazing again! 
So I wanted to show you guys these shorts I got not so long ago. I'm truly in love with the color. And I wish I had more styles in this color. 
Weekend is very close, so I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend. I am off to a carnival with some good friends.
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søndag den 15. maj 2016

15.05.16 | LOOK | ON THE STREET

Hi guys!

It recently ocurred to me that I have been a blogger for 6 years now!! It all started in 2010 when I wanted to share beautiful pictures that inspired me. It was also back then I found out that I wanted to become a photographer and I started to take a lot of crappy pictures, but hey. You have to start somewhere. So ofcourse I had to share all of these images on my blog, right here. Back then I called my blog "The picturebook". And the blog has had a lot of makeovers and different kind of designs through the years. But I am very satisfied of the result of my blog today. 

Even though the blog has been here for 6 years, I still love to blog. And I will probably not stop doing it for quite some time.
So I hope it has been a pleasure for you guys as it has been for me through the years. Thanks a lot for the ones stopping by from time to time. You guys are the best!
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tirsdag den 3. maj 2016

03.05.16 | LOOK | LACE & OVERKNEE

Hi guys! 

I want to show you my latest outfit! And share some news! 
I have finally bought a brand new laptop. I needed a new one that I could use for both work and leasure. And I got the most awesome laptop! 
Anyways, I'm a bit busy these days with work, and my boyfriend is finally moving in with me. 
So there is absolutely no space in my appartment at the moment. There is just so much to do. But that is one of the cons of being an adult.

I hope you all are enjoying the spring!
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torsdag den 14. april 2016

14.04.16 | LOOK | SUMMER VIBES

Hey guys! It's finally amazing weather in Denmark! So I'm quite excited at the moment. 
And that is also why I have bought this amazing jumpsuit from H&M on sale! 
I've been looking at this for a long time, but finally it was on sale, and I just had to get it! 
I really love the pattern and the colors, and It's also just soooo comfortable! 
I know I'm gonna wear this all summer! 


tirsdag den 5. april 2016


Hey guys!

I’m very focused in training at the moment. 
My boyfriend and I have some goals we want to achieve.
We are both underweight, so we both want to get a healthy body and get fit.


I think it is very cool that when you exercise for more than 30 minutes, 
your body releases hormones that make you happy. That is pretty cool isn’t?
Exercise also strengthen your bones. It increases metabolism. And Improves circulation.

I want to share some fitness inspiration for you guys, now that I am working out so much.
I’ve been looking on Esprit for some training clothes. 
I have found a lot of cool items, and I wish I had all of it in my closet.

Here is a couple of things that I have been looking at:

 photo page_zpsort5zdkv.jpg

| Turquoise t-shirt: HERE | Grey hoodie: HERE | Leggings with pattern: HERE
Grey hoodie: HERE | Top with dip-dye: HERE | Blouse with dip-dye: HERE |

I'm pretty crazy with these items, because it's exactly what I like in sportswear. I am crazy with turquoise, prints and dip-dye. 
I also love that Esprit has focused on sportswear where it's both functional and comfortable to wear. 

Reasons to start working out:

 - You don't get that sugar craving when you exercise.
- It strengthen the brain.
- Your mood improves.
- Physical activity also improves your sleep.

| 1. Manduka ProLite Midnight from Ren Velvære: HERE | 2. MOOV NOW Aqua Blue from Fitnessbutikken: HERE 
| 3. Bracelet from Mobilcovers: HERE | 4. Bag from Neye: HERE |

fredag den 25. marts 2016


Sometimes I just love to come home and make a delicious drink for myself, put on some music, and just enjoy life. 

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